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White Western Booties & Other Things I Love for Spring

I tend to consider myself a bit of a fashion rebel. By that, I mean that when everyone is wearing ballet flats (which btw, are back in style), I’m stepping into knee-high boots. Is it intentional? Slightly. I’ve always been drawn to things that are different. Maybe because I crave individuality. Maybe because I was a good kid growing up, and my outlet came by way of fashion. Maybe, just maybe, I’m not actually that great at abandoning trends altogether. Okay, I’ll admit, there are a few trends that I find alluring, and when I find them, I lean into them, hard.

Straight Leg Denim 

This past Fall, I thrifted my first pair of vintage Levis—a New York fashion gal’s rite of passage. When I bought them at Buffalo Exchange in East Village, the cuffs were already rolled, and I liked them that way. It wasn’t until about a week ago that I realized if I just unrolled the pant legs, they would adopt a personality entirely of their own (duh!). Because my body is shaped like an hourglass, I’m not one for the straight leg silhouette. I gravitate toward kick flares and bell bottoms to offset my wider hips. But, let me tell you. That has changed. There is something incredibly sexy about the fact that a pair of straight leg jeans has the ability to make my legs look like beanstalks. The longer my legs look, the narrower my hips appear. Imagine that! Pure science. Fashion, but science nevertheless. Since discovering the versatility of my Levis, the pant legs have yet to be re-cuffed. In fact, last week, I wore them (unrolled) every single day.   

straight leg.jpg

White & Cowboy Boots

Two birds, one stone. I just bought...wait for it...white, western style booties. I don’t typically consider white shoes, but when I do, it’s while I’m daydreaming about my wedding (which won’t be any time soon). I have big feet which means...great balance??? Not in my case, but it does mean that when I put on white shoes, my feet look even larger than they already are! Think Ronald McDonald, but, like, bigger. The only exception I’ve made to my white shoe ban is for classic sneaks. That is, until I stumbled upon these beauties. They perfectly combine two current trends into one spring staple without coming off as tacky or costume-like. They might even convince you that I’ve been on a horse, more than once.

Neon Nails

I taught myself how to paint my own nails—at a salon grade quality, I might add—when I was a sophomore in high school. It was around the same time that I discovered Instagram and fell down the rabbit hole of marbled nail how-to videos on the explore page. Please tell me you remember those!!! I would sit on my bathroom floor and repaint them every night of the week. Once I mastered a flawless manicure, I started experimenting with patterns and designs. I gave my best friend an award worthy galaxy manicure and immediately envisioned myself as a celebrity nail technician. Obviously, life has carried me along a different path, but my obsession with nail polish is still alive and well (and v expensive). Right now, I’m particularly obsessed with colors representing each of the natural elements: green (earth), blue (air), orange (fire)—only, in electric neon versions. I’m sure I’m not the only girl in New York typing away at her desk with lime green, slimy nails, but to be honest, I don’t care!

Barely-There Strappy Sandals

So, apparently, I’ve converted from being a handbag addict to a shoe lover? I’m not mad at it. Sandals are always a springtime staple, but this year, a very specific style of sandal is on everyone’s feet. Picture a rotisserie chicken twirling around as it’s cooked to perfection, its legs pulled tight by a thin piece of string. Now imagine that in shoe form. I present to you the barely-there sandal, the floss-wrapped-around-your-feet sandal, the one and only (drumroll please), strappy sandal. At first, I had a hard time accepting this trend. There is absolutely nothing about barely there, strappy sandals that look comfortable, and comfort is, in fact, key. I’m not ready to commit to suffocated toes, but these Marni sandals come pretty close to the same aesthetic without compromising comfort.

Are you too a pseudo fashion rebel? What spring trends are you indulging in? Meet me in the comments below to compare notes. Extra points if you can count how many times I’m wearing said straight leg Levis in the above pics!!!